Selasa, 30 Ogos 2011

The Phonebook

In the darkness of night, without any single interesting programme on  TV, bored with the  computer games, without any movies or dramas to be watched, without any books to read, and without any mood to do anything that could get rid of the boredom that has been overwhelming the mind and heart, often leads us to our very own bed, lying and staring at the ceiling in our light-off room.
     Without any limb moving, our body stays still. However, our mind starts to be hyperactive, flashing all those old memories back, and sometimes, altering those events with our own creative imagination, due to the word “IF”. Our hyperactive mind also, sometimes, begins to reflect our future plans and dreams; mine would be wearing size 30 pants and scoring every exam.
     Our hand then begins to reach for our cell phone, unlocking the keypad. If the word “1 new message” or perhaps, “1 missed call” appears on the screen, this entry would end here. But, if not, this story proceeds, telling the readers about how our eyes begin to stare at the screen, while our head try to figure out, what brings this involuntary act? Why does my hand reach for my cell phone?
     Alas, our thumb is way faster than our brain, pressing those buttons, until the list of contacts in our phonebook appears on the screen. Involuntarily, our thumb begins to press the “down” button, revealing all the contacts; their names and their phone numbers. As those names appears, our mind keep flashing memories, merely voices and pictures, up to a certain point, where a line finally forms in our brain – “Nak mesej sape eh?” (What message to send?), or “Pe cite la bebudak ni” (Wonder what  these people are up to?).
     Then we began to check our credit balance, whether it is sufficient enough to make a Talk SuperSaver. If our credit is not enough, the story ends here, but if it is enough, we might be pressing the “down” button again, while asking ourselves – Who should I ring?
     Ringing our friends of the same sex would only make us uncomfortable no matter how much we miss them, as such act will be considered as gay and irregular. A phone call to friends of the other gender would only result in a prejudice in our mind, fearing that those friends of the opposite sex to think that we like them. Moreover, we always feared to be greeted by the most irritating line – “Ai...Rindu ke?”( You miss me?)
     The confusion always exhausts our mind, enabling us to finally do the thing that every doctor advises us to do at night – SLEEP.
     This is the story of a pathetic group in the community, commonly known as  “TEENAGERS”. Do you ever experienced the same story? I do.

I use the word "WE" in this story as I have no doubt, that there is somebody out there, who will read this story, and reply "I do" to the very last question in this entry.

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